6. Carinthian Lake Cup


The 6.th Carinthian Lake Cup is over. Thank you for your participation. See you next year. Kind regards Bernhard                     

JUNE 20th - 23rd 2024

Sport, fun and recreation are the focus of the new orienteering tour in the heart of Europe. Orienteers can demonstrate their skills at several stations! Also training camps in technical areas are available!

The preparations for the 6th Carinthian Lake Cup from June 20th -23rd are in full swing and we are going to publish more details soon.

The combination of new orienteering  maps and the gorgeous location in the middle of the beautiful Carinthian lake landscape with the international character of the event results in a unique flair and offers our participants the perfect mix of sport, exchange, adventure and vacation.

Start Fee

until June 3rd 2024
€ 10,- each stage up to M/W18, Beginner
€ 12,- each stage up to M/W 75, Open, Hobby
€ 5,- each stage for Family and Training

until June 10th 2024
€ 12,- each stage up to M/W 18, Beginner
€ 15,- each stage up to M/W 75, Open, Hobby
€ 7,- each stage for Family

Late entries only for Beginner, Family and Open class possible.


M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M19, M35, M45, M55, M65, M75. W10, W12, W14, W16, W18, W19, W35, W45, W55, W65, W75, Beginner, Open, Family, M-Hobby, W-Hobby


Carinthian Lake Cup Award for all categories after 3 days.
Consolation prizes for Family, Beginner and Open class.

Team Trophy for the winning team!

This 3-day event starts on the arrival day with a first training session. In the following 3 days, different orienteering runs are planned.

The results of the individual days make up the final result.

  • June 20th Arrival & Training

    Training 13:00 - 17:00 - 10 controls, no timekeeping

  • June 21st Middle distance

    First Start 14:00 | Free Start time for Beginner, Family and Open class.

  • June 22nd Middle distance

    First Start 14:00 | Free Start time for Beginner, Family and Open class.

  • June 23rd Middle distance

    First Start 11:00 | Free Start time for Beginner, Family and Open class.

All our maps are newly drawn and updated! They are also printed in „pretex quality“.


Day 1, 20. 06. Training: Velden, trendy, stylish, modern and yet endearingly Carinthian. With this unique attitude to life on what is probably the most beautiful and well-known lake in Austria, this is how Velden presents itself to its visitors from home and abroad.

Day 2, 21. 06. Keutschach:  The Keutschach Lake Valley is located in Carinthia south of Lake Wörthersee between the ridge of the Pyramidenkogel in the north and the Sattnitz range in the south. There are several small lakes in it, including the Lake of Keutschach.

Day 3, 22. 06. Schiefling: Schiefling is located along the ridge of the Sattnitz and is only a few meters away from the southern shore of Lake Wörthersee. Many opportunities for hiking and recreation enrich the offer of the municipality.

Day 4, 23. 06. Rosegg: Rosegg is located 5 km southwest of Lake Wörthersee on a bend of the river Drava and offers the Rosegg Zoo, Rosegg Castle and the largest garden labyrinth in Austria as a tourist destination. The Celtic world in Frög is also worth seeing.

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